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Microwave + Light Control LED Tube
Summary Function Specification Packing
KENKIO Patented Unique Design:
 - Two Adjuster:9 level adjustable brightness,5 level adjustable delaying time, 
 - 180° rotation Microwave LED Tube to detect full angle objectives
 - Multi-function: Mirowave Sensor + Light Sensor: 
   in day time, LED Tube will don''t turn on even some abjective go through. 
   at night,when lux is below 50lux,then LED Tube will automatically turn on and be on status of low consumption (0%~40% brightness),when objective go through,LED Tube will automatically turn on 100%,when objective go away,the LED Tube will be automatially on the status of low consumption (0%~40% brightness)

Patent products,do not imitate,otherwise we will investigate and affix legal liability.

Selling Point:
1) Own two Patents, Own Design
2) Two Adjuster: one for delaying time, other for lux, no need to change Control Board, no need to change the software to avoid error from software,production, clients also can change it by themself in the future by manual rotation.
3) Our delaying time is with 9 levels (from 5 seconds to 60 miniutes), but the max of normal radar tube is 2 miniutes, it is limit
4) our end cap can be rotated 180 degree, it is more easy to install different location to detect objective
5) Microwave + Light Sensor. it is fantastic multi-function
6) our LED Tube already meet the standard of TUV.

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specially for car parking area, garage, corridor, staircase, warehouse, factory area

Two Adjusters as below
1. TIME: When user is away from detection zone, light tube will stay on based on the set 
time. (5S, 30S, 1M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 20M, 30M, 60M).
2. LUX: When user is away from detection zone, the power consumption of the tube will be reduced to the set amount. (0, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%)

LED Tube end cap is rotatable 90 clockwise and counter clockwise. This can accurately position the tube to the direction of the sensing and lighting area.

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Model: KTL-T818W1200LMW
Material :Aluminum+PC cover 
Color Temperature(K):3000K-3500K,4000K-4500K,5500K-6000K
Rated Voltage:AC100-240V ,50/60HZ
IP Rating:IP50
Power Factor:>0.9
Power: 18W
Length: 1200mm
Luminous Flux: 1800lm
Luminous Efficiency: 100lm/w  (125lm/w is optional)
LED Driver: Isolated Driver with Rubycon Capacitor

Optional length: 600mm (10w), 900mm(15w), 1500mm (23w)

Why our Microwave Sensor can pass TUV? What kind of Microwave sensor we are using?

1. All our PCB material of Mircrowave sensor module is imported from USA Rogers Military Grade, produced by China Listed Company, Board itself meet TUV standard.

2. All of Our Components is from leading company of Infineon , imported from Hongkong.

3. Every module is tested by strictly process for many times. to confirm frequency at 5.8G (±75m international free open frequency), it match TUV frequency. 2.4G and 3.3G is Civil Grade, only 5.8G wave can pass TUV, 5.8G is Industrial Grade

4. We adopt counting amplifier with low power consumption of TI.ON etc, using Industrial Grade MCU of Microchip to do signal processing. signal processing and relative is independent R & D. with ten years field experience, some of technology is leading position in China.
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