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Agency Policy

(A) Agent cooperation

1. The supreme sole general agent of the state

2. General regional agent: enjoy intermediate treatment, please consult for the details

3. Tradesman, terminal customers: according to the quantity

4. OEM: consult in another way


(B) Procedure of Agent

1. Apply, fill forms, validate (via e-mail, message, phone or fax)

2. Consultation of agent contract, seal and sign, both sides keep one copy.(sign directly or fax)

3. Remit, consign (interrelated files, such as agent contract go with the goods)

4. The original agent contract should be sent back to our company to pigeonhole.


(C) Targeted Clients

Installer of LED lighting, Systems integrators, electrical/ contracting/ engineering; central/local government, banking/finance; warehousing/distribution; airport/port/terminal; hotels/catering/leisure; insurance; transport building construction; property management; military department; university/college;

others: such as Commercial Lighting Project, Home/Office Indoor Lighting, City Scene Decoration, Government Project and so on.


(D) General Requirements of Sole Agency 

Applying to be one of KENKIO's agent for selling KENKIO LED Lighting product in certain territory, please firstly contact with our staffs by email, than we shall give pilot reply and study, after that the applicant must provide one scheme of feasible analyzed report and sales on how to enter our product to the local market. By the last auditing and confirmation, the applicant who fits requirement will be formally notified to issue the exclusive agent at appointed territory.

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